DG Plants-VtoZ

HCMG Dream Garden Plants – V to Z

~~~ Verbena on a Stick ~~~

~ verbena bonariensis ~

Self seeds readily. Full sun. Height 3-4 ft. Blooms summer/fall.

Verbena on a Stick

~~~ Viola ~~~

~~~ viola ~~~

Self-seeding annual with nickel sized flowers marked with purple, yellow and white. Sun/part shade. Height to 7 in. Cool season bloomer.


~ Vitex Tree / Chaste Tree ~

~~~ vitex agnus-castus ~~~

Deciduous. Tough and hardy. Height to 15 ft. Blooms spring, re-blooms late summer/fall.


~ Wild Flowering Pear ~

~~~ pyrus calleryana ~~~

Ornamental tree. Drought tolerant. Sun. Height to 30 ft. Prolific white blooms in spring.

Wild Flowering Pear

~~~ Wine Cup ~~~

~ callirhoe involucrata ~

Texas native sprawling perennial. Hardy, drought tolerant. Height 6-18 in. Blooms Feb – July.

Wine Cup

~ Winter Honeysuckle ~

~ lonicera fragrantissima ~

Drought tolerant. Sun/part shade. Height 4-6 ft. Blooms winter to spring.

Winter Honeysuckle

~~~ Yarrow ~~~

~~~ achillea ~~~

Delicate grayish foliage. Full sun, part shade. Blooms spring/fall.

White Yarrow

~~~ Zinnia ~~~

~~~ zinnia elegans ~~~

Annual. Prolific bloomer. Plant in spring. Full sun, part shade. Height to 40 in. Blooms summer/fall.


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