DG Plants-PtoQ

HCMG Dream Garden Plants – P to Q

~~~ Peggy Martin Rose ~~~

~~~ rosa peggy martin ~~~

Semi-thornless climber. Survived hurricane Katrina. Fragrant. Full sun. Height to 15 ft. Pink cluster blooms.
Peggy Martin Rose

~~~ Perle d’Or Rose ~~~

~~~ rosa ~~~

Polyantha. Earth kind. Very fragrant. Height to 4 ft. Apricot buds open to golden buff pink blooms.
Perle d'Or Rose

~~~ Phlox ~~~

~~~ phlox paniculata ~~~

Deciduous low growing shrub. Full sun. Height 2-3 ft. Blooms summer/fall.

~~~ Pink Chinese Indigo ~~~

~~~ indigofera amblyantha ~~~

Deciduous low growing shrub. Full sun. Height 2-3 ft. Blooms summer/fall.
Pink Chinese Indigo

~~~ Pink Double Knock-out Rose ~~~

~~~ rosa radtkopink ~~~

Shrub rose. Low maintenance. Sun. Height to 4 ft. Blooms bubblegum pink spring to frost.
Pink Double Knock-out Rose

~~~ Pink Muhly Grass ~~~

~~~ muhlenbergia capillaris ~~~

Herbaceous perennial. Drought tolerant. Easy to grow native ornamental grass. Full sun, part shade. Height 18-36 in. Blooms late summer/fall.
Pink Muhly Grass

~~~ Plumbago ~~~

~~~ plumbago auriculata ~~~

Tender perennial. Sun/part shade. Height 3-4 ft. Blooms May to frost.

~~~ Poppy ~~~

~~~ papaver ~~~

Sun loving Hardy annual. Does not transplant well. Self sows where contented. Gray-green foliage Height to 4 ft. Blooms late spring.

~~~ Popcorn Drift Rose ~~~

~~~ rosa novarospop ~~~

Yellow fading to creamy white. Full sun. Height to 18 in. Blooms spring to frost.
Popcorn Drift Rose

~~~ Purple Coneflower ~~~

~~~ echinacea purpurea ~~~

Aster family. Full sun, part shade. Height 2-5 ft. Blooms late spring/fall.
Purple Coneflower

~~~ Purple Jasmine ~~~

~~~ cestrum elegans ~~~

Sun/part shade. Height 4-6 ft. Fragrant blooms spring to fall.
Purple Jasmine

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