DG Plants-M

HCMG Dream Garden Plants – M

~~~ Mahogany Splendor Hibiscus ~~~

~~~ hibiscus acetosella ~~~

Poor mans Japanese Maple. Drought and heat resistant. Full sun. Height to 5 ft. Green / rust tones in greenhouse. Burgundy in full sun.
Mahogany Splendor Hibiscus

~~~ Marigold ~~~

~~~ tagetes ~~~

Hardy, incredibly easy growing, reliable annual. Full sun. Height to 18 in.

~ Mars Madness Hibiscus ~

~~~ hibiscus ~~~

9 inch blooms on top of copper-purple leaves. Full sun. Height to 4 ft. Blooms summer to fall.
Mars Madness Hibiscus

~~~ Maxima Rudbeckia ~~~

~~~ rudbeckia maxima ~~~

Drought resistant. Full sun. Height 12 to 24 in. Blooms summer.
Maxima Rudbeckia

~~~ Mealy Cup Sage ~~~

~~~ salvia farinacea ~~~

Drought tolerant. Sun/partial shade. Height 18 to 24 in. Blooms spring to fall.
Mealy Cup Sage

~ Mexican Feather Grass ~

~~~ nassella tenuissima ~~~

Drought tolerant. Sun/partial shade. Height 18 to 24 in. Blooms spring to fall.
Mexican Feather Grass

~ Mexican Heather / False Heather ~

~~~ cuphea hyssopifolia ~~~

Tender perennial/annual. Full sun, part shade. Height 12-18 in. Blooms all year.
Mexican Heather

~~~ Mexican Mint Marigold ~~~

~~~ tagetes lucida ~~~

Spanish tarragon. Tender perennial. Licorice scent. Full sun. Height 2 ft. Blooms summer/fall.
Mexican Mint Marigold

~~~ Minnie Pearl Phlox ~~~

~~~ phlox carolina ~~~

Sun/partial shade. Height 15 to 20 in. White blooms spring/summer.
Minnie Pearl Phlox

~ Mock Orange / English Dogwood ~

~~~ philadelphus coronarius ~~~

Deciduous shrub. Sun/part shade. Height to 10 ft. Sweet scented white flowers in spring.
Mock Orange

~~~ Mondo Grass ~~~

~~~ ophiopogon japonicus ~~~

Easy care perennial. Sun/partial shade. Height 12 to 15 in. Blooms spring/summer.
Mondo Grass

~~~ Morning Glory Bush/Tree ~~~

~~~ ipomoea ~~~

Prolific bloomer. Low maintenance. Full sun/part shade. Propagation by stem cuttings easy. Toxic leaves, roots and fruits. Cut above ground and cover with mulch in this area. Height 6-12 ft.
Bush Morning Glory

~~~ Mutabilis Rose ~~~

~~~ rosa ~~~

China rose. Earth kind. Height to 10 ft. Blooms yellow, turns pink then red.
Mutabilis Rose

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