DG Plants-GtoK

HCMG Dream Garden Plants – G to K

~~~ Gaillardia/Indian Blanket ~~~

~~~ gaillardia pulchella ~~~

Short lived perennial/annual. Full sun/part shade. Blooms May to August.

~~~ Gaura ~~~

~~~ gaura lindheimeri ~~~

Native Texas perennial. Full sun/part shade. Height to 2 ft. Blooms spring to fall.

~~~ Gingko ~~~

~~~ gingko biloba ~~~

Maidenhead tree. Leaves turn yellow in fall. Sun/part shade. Height to 66 ft.

~~~ Gulf Stream Nandina ~~~

~~~ nandina domestica ~~~

Heavenly Bamboo. Compact shrub. Intense red new growth. Sun/part shade. Height to 3 ft. Blooms spring/summer.
Gulf Stream Nandina

~~~ Henry Duelberg Salvia ~~~

~~~ salvia farinacea ~~~

Texas Superstar. Drought tolerant, low maintenance. Full sun. Height 3 ft. Blooms late spring/mid fall.
Henry Duelberg Salvia

~~~ Heritage Garlic ~~~

~~~ allium sativum ~~~

Easy to grow. Decorative seed pods in Fall. Perennial. Full sun to part shade. Blooms spring/summer.
Heritage Garlic

~~~ Juniper ~~~

~~~ juniper ~~~

Hardy creeping shrub. Full sun/part shade.

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