DG Plants-EtoF

HCMG Dream Garden Plants – E to F

~~~ Elizabeth Salter day lily ~~~

~~~ hemerocallis ~~~

Midseason rebloomer. Sun/part shade. Height to 2 ft. Large pink flowers.
Elizabeth Salter day lily

~~~ Ellen bosanquet crinum ~~~

~~~ crinum ~~~

Tough bulb offers burgundy flowers July to August. Sun/part shade. Height to 3 ft.
Ellen bosanquet crinum

~~~ Esperanza ~~~

~~~ tecoma stans ~~~

Texas Superstar. Tender perennial. Sun. Height to 6 ft. Yellow blooms spring to fall.

~~~ Fall Aster ~~~

~~~ aster ~~~

Hardy perennial. Full sun, part shade. Height 3-4 ft. Blooms late summer/fall.
Fall Aster

~~~ Fire Power Nandina ~~~

~~~ nandina domestica ~~~

Commonly called Heavenly Bamboo. Broadleaf evergreen shrub. Full sun/ part shade. Height 2 ft.
Fire Power Nandina

~~~ Fire Spike ~~~

~~~ odontonema strictum ~~~

Sun to part shade. Height 2 to 6 ft. Red blooms late summer to winter
Fire Spike Nandina

~~~ Flapjack ~~~

~~~ Kalanchoe thyrsiflora ~~~

Oval evergreen succulent with fleshy oval red-margined, light green leaves. Annual. Full sun/part sun. Height to 3 ft.

~~~ Flowering Quince ~~~

~~~ chaenomeles japonica ~~~

Deciduous spiny shrub. Drought tolerant. Sun/part shade. Height 6-10 ft. Blooms late winter/early spring.
Flowering Quince

~~~ Forest Pansy Redbud ~~~

~~~ cercis canadensis ~~~

Deciduous tree. Scarlet-purple color to new foliage. Matures to maroon. Sun. Height to 20 ft. Rosy pink flowers early spring.
Forest Pansy Redbud

~~~ Frankston Flowering Peach ~~~

~~~ prunus persica ~~~

Deciduous tree. Self fertile. Sun. Height to 19 ft. Blooms spring.
Frankston Flowering Peach tree

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