DG Plants-D

HCMG Dream Garden Plants – D

~~~ Desert Willow “Bubba” ~~~

~~~ chilopsis linearis ~~~

Shrub or tree native to west Texas. Heat tolerant. Full sun. Height 15-40 ft. Blooms spring/fall.
Desert Willow Bubba

~~~Desert Willow “Timeless Beauty”~~~

~~~ chilopsis linearis monhews ~~~

Seedless cultivar that blooms longer. Drought resistant/tolerant. Sun/part shade. Height to 12 ft. Blooms spring to fall.
Desert Willow Timeless Beauty

~~~ Desperado Sage ~~~

~~~ leucophyllum frutescens ~~~

Drought tolerant evergreen shrub. Full sun. Height 4 ft. Blooms summer/fall.
Desperado Sage

~~~ Dianthus / Pinks ~~~

~~~ dianthus ~~~

Sun/part shade. Height 6 to 18 in. Fragrant blooms May to October.


~~~ Duchess de Brabant Rose ~~~

~~~ rosa ~~~

Tea rose. Earth kind. Very Fragrant. Height to 6ft. Blooms rose pink.
Duchess de Brabant Rose

~~~Dwarf Mexican Petunia ~~~

~~~ ruellia brittoniana ~~~

Texas Superstar. Heat tolerant. Spreads quickly. Full sun/part shade. Height to 12 in. Blooms summer to frost.
Dwarf Mexican Petunia

~~~ Dwarf Mondo Grass ~~~

~~~ ophiopogon japonicus ~~~

Sun to part shade. Height 4-6 in.
Dwarf Mondo Grass

~~~ Dwarf Yaupon Holly ~~~

~~~ ilex vomitoria nana ~~~

Slow growing mounding shrub. Sun, part shade. Height 2 ft.
Dwarf Yaupon Holly

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