DG Plants-C

HCMG Dream Garden Plants – C

~~~ California Poppy ~~~

~~~ eschscholzia californica ~~~

Easy to grow, drought tolerant annual. Full sun. Height 4-12 in. Blooms Feb-Oct.
California Poppy

~~~ Camellia ~~~

~~~ camellia japonica ~~~

Evergreen shrub. Partial shade. Height 5-6 ft. Blooms winter to spring.

~~~ Candlestick Tree ~~~

~~~ cassia alata ~~~

Yellow flower bud before opening up resemble candles. Blooms summer/fall. Full sun. Germinate the seeds for next year. Usually an annual here. H. 5-8 ft.
Candlestick Tree

~~~ Cappuccino Rudbeckia ~~~

~~~ rudbeckia hirta ~~~

Large orange-red flowers. Height 18-20 in. Blooms spring to fall.
Cappuccino Rudbeckia

~~~ Cassia Plant ~~~

~~~ cassia ~~~

Full sun, part shade. Height to 5 ft. Prolific bloomer spring/fall.
Cassia Plant

~~~ Chinese Pistache ~~~

~~~ pistacia chinensis ~~~

Deciduous. Excellent shade tree. Brilliant orange-red to gold fall color. Sun. Height to 40 ft.
Chinese Pistache

~~~ Cleyera ~~~

~~~ ternstroemia gymnanthera ~~~

Slow grower. Prefers dappled shade. Height to 8 ft. Blooms summer.

~~~ Color Guard Yucca ~~~

~~~ yucca filamentosa ~~~

Tough as nails. Ideal for no maintenance garden. Perennial with bright creamy yellow leaves and green edges. Full sun, part shade. H. 2-3 ft.
Color Guard Yucca

~~~ Copper Canyon Daisy ~~~

~~~ tagetes lemonii ~~~

Drought tolerant. Pungent fragrance. Full sun, part shade. Height to 6 ft. Blooms fall to frost.
Copper Canyon Daisy

~~~ Coral Drift Rose ~~~

~~~ rosa meidrifora ~~~

Excellent disease resistance. Full sun. Height to 18 in. Peach coral blooms spring to frost.
Coral Drift Rose

~~~ Coral Honeysuckle ~~~

~~~ lonicera sempervirens ~~~

Evergreen vine. Full sun, part shade. Height to 20 ft. Blooms spring/summer.
Coral Honeysuckle

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