DG Plants-B

HCMG Dream Garden Plants – B

~~~ Banana Shrub ~~~

~~~ michelia figo ~~~

Fragrant. Sun to part shade. Height 6 to 10 ft. Blooms spring to fall.

Banana Shrub

~~~ Belindas Dream Rose ~~~

~~~ rosa hybrida ~~~

Shrub rose. Fragrant. Bloom pink, 3-4 in Full sun. Height to 6 ft. Blooms all season.Belindas Dream Rose

~~~ Black Eyed Susan Vine ~~~

~~~ thunbergia alata ~~~

Herbaceous tender perennial/annual climber. Full sun, part shade. Height 6-8 ft. Blooms summer/fall.

Black Eyed Susan

~~~ Black Gum ~~~

~~~ nyssa sylvatica ~~~

Medium sized deciduous tree. Leaves turn orange, scarlet, purple in fall. Sun / part shade. Height 30-60 ft.
Black Gum Tree

~~~ Bluebonnets ~~~

~~~ lupinus texensis ~~~

State flower of Texas. Annual. Full sun. Height to 2 ft. Blooms spring.

~ Bob McDonald’s Red Oak ~

~~~ quercus shumardii ~~~

Good tree for large sites. Fall color red-orange to orange. Height 60-80 ft. Moderate growth.Bob McDonalds Red Oak Tree

~~~ Brazilian Rock Rose ~~~

~~~ pavonia braziliensis ~~~

Drought tolerant shrub. Sun/part shade. Height to 3 ft. Blooms late spring/fall.

Brazilian Rock Rose

~~~ Bridal Wreath Spirea ~~~

~~~ spirea vanhoutel ~~~

Deciduous shrub with arching branches. Sun/part shade. Height to 6 ft. Blooms spring.

Bridal Wreath Spirea

~~~ Bronze Fennel ~~~

~~~ foeniculum vulgare ~~~

Annual/biennial. Attractive to bees, butterflies, birds. Sun/part shade. Height to 4 ft. Blooms spring/summer.

Bronze Fennel

~~~ Burgundy Leaf Canna Lily ~~~

~~~ canna x generalis ~~~

Sun/part shade. Height to 6 ft. Blooms summer/fall.Burgundy Leaf Canna Lily

~~~ Bush Lespedeza ~~~

~~~ lespedeza thunbergii ~~~

Bush clover. Deciduous shrub. Sun/part shade. Height to 5 ft. Blooms summer/fall.

Bush Lespedeza

~~~ Butterfly Ginger ~~~

~~~ hedychium coronarium ~~~

Sweet, fragrant. Perennial, evergreen. Multiplies reliably. Full sun, part shade. Height 4-5 ft. Blooms summer/fall.

Butterfly Ginger

~~~ Butterfly Weed ~~~

~~~ asclepias tuberosa ~~~

Drought tolerant. Full sun. Height 3-4 ft. Blooms May to September.

Butterfly Weed

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