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Learn at the Library Series

March 19th at 5:30pm:  Cut Flower Gardening – Warm Season Annuals

Photo by Susan SkommesaAs part of the Henderson County Master Gardener Association Library Series, Master Gardener Intern Cindy Oliver will present “Cut Flower Gardening – Warm Season Annuals”.  Her presentation will be held at the Clint W. Murchison Memorial Library, 121 S. Prairieville, Athens.

Do you want flowers to bring indoors?  You may be interested in growing a cutting garden.  A cutting garden allows you to grow flowers specifically for enjoyment indoors.  Many times, gardeners are reluctant to cut the blossoms off their flowering perennials or shrubs, wanting the garden to look full of blooms.  A cutting garden solves that problem.  Usually grown in an area outside the garden landscape, a cutting garden is not grown to look good all year.  It is grown only for the purpose of supplying flowers for bouquets. 

 Annuals grow fast, reaching their peak blooming period in one year or less.  These are the perfect type of flowers to grow for cutting.  Many annuals can be grown from seed, keeping the cost of a cutting garden low.  Week after week, you can have bouquets of flowers for just a fragment of the cost it would take to purchase them.

 The type of flower you choose makes a difference.  Some flowers do not care to be cut, wilting soon thereafter.  You want to make certain the annuals you choose for your cutting garden are flowers whose blooms last in a vase for several days.  Oliver will discuss which flowers last longest.  She will also explain when best to cut your flowers for the longest vase life possible.

Come learn how to start a cutting garden, how to best grow annuals for cutting, and the types of annuals Oliver grows in her own cutting garden.  Oliver is owner of R/C Flower Farm and a member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers. She has been active in the local Farmers Market since 2017.

April 16th at 5:30pmHow Site Analysis Shapes Your Design

Master Gardener Intern Delbert Hirst is a graduate of Texas A&M in Landscape Architecture and is certified in permaculture. He worked for a landscape architectural firm in Arlington for 40 years. He loves organic gardening and uses native plants in his landscape designs.

Born in Snyder, Texas, Delbert is married to Karen Hirst, an interior decorator. He has two step-children, Ashley and Austin Sims. Their acreage is named “Mossbridge Farm”, where they have two miniature toy schnauzers, laying hens, Welsh Harlequin ducks and two Airbnb cabins for rent.

In April, Delbert will teach at the HCMGA Library Series, which is held at the Athens Library. His topic is How Site Analysis Shapes Your Design. He says of Site Analysis, “This is usually one of the first step in the process of coming up with a design.  By doing a good site analysis, a lot of problems and mistakes can be avoided and a better design will result.”

Join us in April, as Delbert takes us through the process of site analysis, the first step in successful landscape design.

Location & Time: All presentations are free, open to the public, and held at the Clint W. Murchison Memorial Library, 121 S. Prairieville, Athens. Presentations start at 5:30 pm sharp. For more information, please call 903-675-6130, send an email to hendersoncmga@gmail.com.

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